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    Why Choose US?

    Six advantages of Jingpin

    • Professional pre-sale service

      Jingpin has an experienced sales team in the industry, which can respond quickly, respond quickly, and produce samples quickly.

    • Well-known brand cooperation

      Jingpin has cooperated with well-known brand enterprises in the United States, Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan for many years to provide customers with a full range of technical support and quality assurance.

    • Positive company culture

      Adhering to the business philosophy of customer-oriented and quality-oriented, we strive to achieve customer first, dedication and integrity, and active innovation.

    • Complete product certification

      Jingpin NTC temperature sensor and temperature switch have passed UL, ROHS and other product certifications, and the product quality is safe and reliable.

    • Strict quality inspection

      The product has strict inspection management, and each process in the production has a dedicated professional quality inspection staff to perform product quality inspection, and do not miss any defective products. Before the product is packed, it will be tested by professional testing equipment to ensure product quality.

    • Perfect after-sales system

      The NTC temperature sensor and temperature switch manufacturers have established a comprehensive after-sales system, and regularly arrange customer service staff to return customers after-sales to understand your company use problems as quickly as possible.


    about jingpin

    JPT Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015. Relying on its core technology and patented product advantages, the company is committed to the development and application of temperature sensors and temperature switches. The company has 630 employees. The company has a strong R & D team and a business team. Since its establishment, the company has developed domestic advanced temperature control products and has a number of patented products with independent intellectual property rights. The operating income is steadily increasing every year.

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    Company Culture

    company culture

    • Vision Become a first-class temperature control product technology enterprise

    • Mission Provide customers with better products and services and create greater value for society

    • Values Honesty、Fairness、Soundness、Innovation

    • Style Diligent、Rigorous、Truth-seekin、Ragmatic

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      A varistor is an electronic component that everyone will often use, because a varistor can...

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